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--Series One ARMY Chair DETAILS LINK (PDF)
--Series One EsportsGear Chair DETAILS  LINK (PDF)
--Series Two EsportsGear Chair DETAILS LINK (PDF)
--Series Three EsportsGear Chair DETAILS LINK (PDF)

Return Policy and Terms of Service LINK

PLEASE BE ADVISED: All gaming chairs are currently under a 'pre-order' system. Please make sure to read our Terms of Service link above to fully understand what that means for your order. 
All 'Army' chair purchases will have profits split directly with the USAEP. This does not endorse partnership or sponsorship with the USAEP or the United States Army. 

Warranty, will replace any EsportsGear ArenaRacer chair that is found to be defective within five years from the original purchase date.
This warranty is subject to the exclusions below. 

This warranty does not apply to:

• Abuse, misuse and/or overuse.
• Wear and tear, occurring during normal use.
• Modifications to the product.
• Products used for commercial purposes.
• Products that were not assembled or maintained via the methods included in the instructions and warnings.