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T-Shirt Design Contest Downloads

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Attached is a digital download .zip containing two .PSD files for our 'T-Shirt Design' competition. Simply purchase this item (for free) to have access to the downloads!

For this contest, all designs will be on a WHITE T-SHIRT. We will add colors for printing once they come out, so all designs will eventually be available for purchase on other colors.

The first file in the download is a 12.5" by 14" canvas .PSD file directly editable with any version of Photoshop. The file is named 'TShirtDesignCanvas.psd'. This file is where you will first design your T-Shirt for this competition! Once you have a design you like, save it as a transparent .PNG as this will be part of your submission for the contest!

The second file in the download is a T-Shirt design file already setup for your design you made above named 'TshirtDesignContest.psd'! Simply take your .PNG file you saved earlier, and size it to the 'Bounding Box' on the T-Shirt. Once your design is correctly sized, save the file as a .JPG (The Highest Quality Possible). This will be your second item you will enter as part of this contest! 

For direct reference, see the existing designs on the PSD files provided and try to replicate the process!

Once both files are saved correctly, please email the two .PSD files AND the .PNG of the design and .JPG of the T-Shirt Mockup Design to support@esportsgear.com by the competition deadline with the info required on the competition page!