Sponsorship and Affiliate Information


*Bronze Level: Any entity who purchases a single design through our website will have that item available for purchase on this website.

**Silver Level: Any entity with more than one item for sale through our stores (example: a jersey and a hoodie) will receive a Store on our website to better market items to clients. Silver level affiliates may also receive a 5% discount personalized discount code once their store has sold over 250$ worth of merchandise.

***Gold Level: Any entity with every item we offer as a service purchased through our stores will be eligible for a 10% non-expiring personalized discount code for all their items. A Pro-Store will also be awarded to those in this level.



We currently scout the entities we sponsor and partner with. Any entity who believes they are a good candidate for this program please send your credentials to contactesportsgear@gmail.com.

We are currently only sponsoring or partnering with large entities who have a high quality following and influence over social media and/or within communities. We will not consider anyone for sponsorship with less than 10,000 followers on a single social media platform (or similar) or people of outreach potential.